How does Myntra perform SEO


Myntra is an asset on an international level, with over 30 million visits per month and enjoys its status as the largest online fashion and lifestyle retailer in India. Its focus revolves around utilising the impact of search engine optimisation or SEO strategies. The objective is to increase exposure on the internet and translate that into organic traffic towards the portal.

Keyword Research

Myntra SEO does it well. Myntra is in the business of selling products online. It does a detailed research of the keywords and phrases that a user can be interested in its product. This is likely to use when searching for the product, considering multiple factors like the search volume, competition for the keyword, user’s search intent, and so on in order to identify one or more relevant keywords to target.

On-Page Optimisation

Myntra integrate target keywords in its website’s on-page parameters such as titles, meta descriptions, headings and image alt tags. In addition, they are the crucial for search engines to index the site and comprehend the content and relevance of every page.

Good Content

The content that is being placed on the website that should be top-notch and of good quality. For example, if it’s Myntra they should incorporate good style guides for product descriptions or provide fashion tips so that someone wants to browse it.

Mobile Optimization

Given the boom in mobile usage – majority of customers come via mobile devices. They ensured that the website is optimised for mobile devices, with Responsive Design, loading speed, navigation to flow seamlessly.

Myntra social media advertisement
Myntra social media advertisment

Myntra SEO strategy includes keyword optimization, quality content creation, mobile optimization, link building, social media integration, optimized product pages. The technical SEO which include on page SEO, Local search engine optimization and continuous monitoring and analysis. All aimed at website visibility, organic traffic and SEO. improve rankings in the highly competitive fashion e-commerce environment. Know More

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