7 White Hat SEO Techniques to Rank Your Website on Search Engines


It is a given that Google is constantly updating their algorithms. That is why ranking your content in top search engines in Google is hard. The only way you can rank high is to use white-hat SEO techniques. If you want to get your site on top search engine results, then you have to implement best in class White Hat SEO techniques.   

Before I discuss a few of the helpful practices for White Hat SEO, it is vital that you know exactly what is White Hat SEO. Well, simply put, it is the authority which endorses search engine optimization tactics. These tactics are basically meant to increase a websites SERP ranking. The results in the search engines that come from approved methods, instead of using paid media, are called organic results.   

White-hat SEO practices, unlike black-hat SEO practices, focus on improving the ranking in SERPs, following search engines terms of service. Failing to follow these guidelines could get your website penalized by search engines, including Google. Because paid ads or links are placed on SERPs, only a limited amount of space is left for organic results. Because of that, getting to the first few positions gets a bit difficult. In this article, you will get to know the white-hat SEO techniques you should implement in order to get your site to rank better in Google.    

By following these SEO techniques, you would find it easier to increase your websites rankings. When it comes to boosting the rankings of your site using organic methods, a range of factors come into play using white-hat SEO. Some elements include content, media (images and videos), site structure, meta descriptions, and site performance. To properly optimize for these factors, keep scrolling down and check out White Hat SEO Tactics!. . These white-hat SEO techniques will help you to handle traffic coming to your site.    

If you concentrate on pushing the Mobile-First approach, then that would allow your business to target relevant audiences. Since the majority of online audiences are mobile nowadays, you should create a mobile-responsive website which is easy for the visitors of your website to access. Also, you have to make sure the mobile sites loading speed is good, and that all elements on your pages are loaded correctly when opened on mobile devices. Usually, mobile search and local search are linked together.    

Ecommerce websites mostly get the benefits of this method. When it comes to promoting your business digitally via mobile, developing mobile apps is one of the challenging parts. However, if you already got a desktop site, then it is easy to make it mobile-friendly.  

All you have to do is to pay attention to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This is generally done in order to make sure a higher percentage of traffic comes towards your site. If you have a website, then it is important that you maintain a record on whether or not the users or customers coming to your site and the mobile app are happy or dissatisfied with the interface.    

. You have to ensure they are not facing any issues when they are browsing or making the purchase. There shouldnat be any sort of unwanted pop-up blocking a sites vision, or limiting users from moving on. These are critical factors to take into consideration if you are trying to deliver a great user experience. 

If your users found your mobile website or web app satisfying, they will recommend others to visit your site or install your mobile app too. Ultimately, it will boost the traffic on your site. 

Keyword research is one of the easiest forms of Internet marketing. Keyword research has retained the same prominence it once had in its earlier days through the years.   

Google AdWords Keyword Planner, LSI Graph, and AHREFs are among the best tools to research and select keywords for content on a website. These tools will help you to come up with the most effective keywords for use in your content.  

Content Marketing Plan is one of the best white-hat SEO techniques which will help your business grow. If you want better traffic on your site, then you have to make your marketing plan in a unique manner. Content marketing plays a crucial role to make an impression on your audience and drive traffic.   

It can capture the attention of people and drive them to become interested in your products and services. With effective content marketing, you can also educate people on different aspects of your niche. If you are able to create a unique content strategy, it will set you apart from the rest.   

Do you know what is schema?. Well, a schema is a set of tags in HTML that you can add easily to your web page.   

When it comes to a schema, structured data markup gives a competitive advantage to your site in the search results. Whereas, microdata increases click-through rate, which will bring in more traffic to your site. White-hat SEO link building allows you to drive more traffic to your website.    

However, it needs to be done in limits and according to guidelines laid down by leading search engine giant, Google. Building links in excess can turn out dangerous and will be considered as Black Hat SEO techniques.    

In White Hat SEO, link building is about connecting with other site owners and asking them to give you a link back to your sites content. This is considered one of the best practices of White Hat SEO for driving traffic to your site. Image Search is also one of the ways of driving traffic to your website.    

Images that have an ALT tag adds a piece of content that is crawlable on the site pages. Also, they show up instead of your images when they are not loading on your website. Not only that, but also improves your websites UX. You may also gain traffic to your site from the search results for images. 

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